The Electric Recording Co. recreates rare jazz titles from the 1950s, using the technology of the era to make the finest vinyl LPs money can buy.

  • Leonid Kogan plays the Brahms Violin Concerto

    Leonid Kogan plays the Brahms Violin Concerto

    A sophisticated and elegant execution of the Brahms Violin Concerto, as one would expect from arguably the greatest soviet violinist of the 20th century. This concerto is well suited to Leonid Kogan’s style of violinism, it feels effortless yet with a direct and lethally precise delivery only achievable by the most advanced technicians. Emotional content is not lacking either in this masterful performance – beauty with intensity.

  • Beethoven "Choral" Symphony Conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler at the 1951 Bayreuth Festival


    Originally completed in 1824 and premiered in Vienna the same year,
    the Ninth Symphony is considered as one of Beethoven’s greatest works.
    Furthermore it is recognised as one of the greatest compositions in
    western musical history.

    The 1951 Bayreuth performance is not without flaw (the first horn
    being out of tune), but despite this it is a performance of
    incomparable depth, energy and breadth. A melting pot of tradition and
    ideals guided by Furtwängler’s vision and deep spiritual connection to
    the work and composer – it is a truly unique journey.

  • Johanna Martzy & Jean Antonietti play Schubert's works for Violin & Piano

    Johanna Martzy & Jean Antonietti play Schubert's works for Violin & Piano

    The Bach Sonatas & Partitas for unaccompanied violin by Johanna Martzy was the very first release for the Electric Recording Company back in March 2012. It has always been our intention to give full justice to the superb Schubert works for Violin & Piano Martzy recorded with Jean Antonietti in 1954.

  • ERC Studio Production Report

    ERC Studio Production Report

    As part of The Electric Recording Company’s ongoing programme of research and development, we have recently restored a 1950’s Scully vinyl cutting system.

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