Symphony No. 9
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Symphony No. 9

Conducted by Carl Schuricht

1st Movement
2nd Movement
3rd Movement

Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 was written between 1893-1896 and was to be his last, the final movement remaining unfinished at point of his death in 1896. Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony is both unique and complex in style presenting the listener with many different patterns and themes, traits that can be found in nearly all of Bruckner’s Symphonies. Monumental in its form and design, a vast orchestral canvas and soundscape providing fertile ground for experimentation and harmonic counterpoint. It ranks as one of the most innovative symphonies to be composed in the 19th Century.

There is a natural synergy with Carl Schuricht conducting The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in Bruckner's 9th. Schuricht brings energy and urgency, brooding and intense in the delivery, a performance of pure conviction with natural understanding of the composition. With this performance of Bruckner's 9th (along with Bruckner's 8th) it is obvious to see why Carl Schuricht is now considered on of the greatest conductors of the 20th Century.

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