Violin Concerto
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Violin Concerto

Played by Leonid Kogan

Paris Conservatoire Orchestra Conducted by Constantin Silvestri

Beethoven’s Violin Concerto is perhaps the most importt composition of the violin concerto repertoire and sits comfortably in the ‘Big Three’ along side Tchaikovsky and Brahms violin concerto's (and for us at ERC the Sibelius making the ‘Big Four’).

Leonid Kogan is truly breath-taking and masterful in his interpretation of this majestic violin concerto. So compelling is Kogan’s performance your attention is demanded (and willingly submitted) from start to finish... an emotional journey of the highest order.

Stereo LP - Catalogue Number. ERC005
Edition of 300.
ERC will not undertake a repress of any release at any future point.

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