• Music for Viola & Cello Played By Herbert Downes & Jacqueline Du Pre

    Music for Viola & Cello Played By Herbert Downes & Jacqueline Du Pre

    Jacqueline Du Pre was born in Oxford and commenced learning the cello at the age of five with Alison Dalrymple, she then went on to study with William Pleeth at the age of ten. Only five years later she was enrolled to the Casals Master Class at Zermatt, Switzerland. She made her formal début at the Wigmore Hall in March 1961 accompanied by Ernest Lush. It was her concerto début in March 1962 at the Royal Festival Hall, performing the Elgar Cello Concerto that propelled her career into the stratosphere – bringing spontaneous critical enthusiasm followed by global recognition.

  • Yura Guller plays Frédéric Chopin – Mazurkas Favorites

    Yura Guller plays Frédéric Chopin – Mazurkas Favorites

    The origins of the Mazurka can be traced back to early Polish folk music and dance. Chopin wrote a total of sixty-nine of them for solo piano during his lifetime, the first of which were composed in 1825 and the last in 1849, the year of his death.

  • Yura Guller plays Frédéric Chopin – Nocturnes Favorites

    Yura Guller plays Frédéric Chopin – Nocturnes Favorites

    Yura Guller was born in 1895 in Marseille, France. She started to learn the piano at the age of five, giving recitals at a very early age before enrolling at the Paris Conservatoire at just nine years old. It is here that she studied under Isidor Philipp, a tutor of impeccable pedigree having studied with Camille Saint-Saëns, Théodore Ritter & Georges Amadée St. Claire Mathias (himself a direct pupil of Frédéric Chopin).

  • Carl Schuricht conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performing Bruckner’s Symphony No.9 in D Minor

    Carl Schuricht conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performing Bruckner’s Symphony No.9 in D Minor

    Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 was written between 1893-1896 and was to be his last, the final movement remaining unfinished at point of his death in 1896. Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony is both unique and complex in style presenting the listener with many different patterns and themes, traits that can be found in nearly all of Bruckner’s Symphonies. Monumental in its form and design, a vast orchestral canvas and soundscape providing fertile ground for experimentation and harmonic counterpoint. It ranks as one of the most innovative symphonies to be composed in the 19th Century.

  • ERC024 Jackie McLean Quintet - Lights Out!

    ERC024 Jackie McLean Quintet - Lights Out!

    “Lights Out” was Jackie McLean’s debut album for Prestige Records (PRLP 7035) recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in January 1956 and released in June the same year.

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ERC021 Tommy Flanagan Trio - Overseas

Following on from our debut Jazz LP release; Mobleys Message ERC023 we are delighted to announce our second release in the series; “Tommy Flanagan Trio – Overseas.”

Tommy Flanagan was born in 1930 in Detroit, USA. His first instrument was the clarinet.  By the age of 10 he had turned his attentions to the piano where he was tutored in the music of Bach & Chopin.  His musical interests were soon focused into the world of jazz, listening to the innovators of modern jazz piano such as Bud Powell, Art Tatum & Fats Waller. He developed an innovative and sophisticated style of playing and went on to perform on some of the most historically important jazz recordings of all time  including Sonny Rollins’ ‘Saxophone Colossus’ and John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’.

This album , his debut solo as leader was a studio session recorded in Stockholm, Sweden whilst on tour in Europe during 1957. Originally released on the Prestige label in 1958 (PRLP 7134), first editions are now both incredibly scarce and extremely valuable. The nuanced artistry of drummer Elvin Jones is showcased on this album to the full, along with the excellent Wilbur Little on bass . The result is a jaw dropping, inspirational and engaging session of incredible synergy between the three players.  

The cover of this particular title is a piece of art in its own right… simply stunning. We recreated the American ‘Frame’ style jacket using vintage letterpress techniques and have produced a video showing the hand-made construction process.  The original typeface used on the back of the jacket was unavailable in Europe.  We therefore went to great lengths to source the original typeset which we finally located and shipped over from Canada.  Photographs of the setting prior to printing accompany this text. 

The pre-release price of this edition will be £300* and is available to order now directly from our website.

  * Post release price may vary subject to availability.

Original master tape.

 Memo addressed to Rudy Van Gelder included in the tape.

Typeset label ready to print.

Printed labels

Front plate 1.

Type for the back of the sleeve.

Front plate 2.

Plate for the front of the sleeve and type for the back ready to print

The printed sleeve on the press.